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Represents and accompanies clients with global growth strategies leveraging expertise in US Law, EU Law and UK Law as they apply to Intellectual / Industrial Property Law & Policy, Investment Law and Policy, Finance Law and Policy, Mrs Marcia B Moulon-Atherley is admitted to practice law in the EU, US, OECS & CARICOM and is a member of a diverse range of Business, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Committees as well as a member of Trade and Investment Committees of the New York State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. She works in the public and private sector alongside established and developing businesses, institutions and organisations in investment, finance, cross-border / multi-border transactions and global issues. Offering full services in Intellectual & Industrial Property Law, Corporate and Investment/Trade Law, Finance Law, General Commercial Law and Innovation and Technology Law, she represents clients as a Legal Practitioner and as an International Business & Investment Advisor, in among others, trade, investment and development strategies. A native English speaker and fully bilingual, Mrs Moulon-Atherley relies on a global network of Attorneys and investment specialists, thus offering the possibility of working on any US, European, International legal or financial issue.

Mrs Moulon-Atherley advises on a diverse range of cases and in different industries and sectors and has advised on among others:

  • Evoluchain on its Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) technology and Big Data technology integration
  • ORLEN Group on acquisition of Nigeria BLCO
  • Gazprom Petroleum sale
  • Fedex on acquisition of Jet Fuel 
  • Acquisition by Iran of US aircraft
  • Australian government on High Speed Rail
  • Chinese Pension Fund
  • Gangnam Office Development, Seoul
  • Acquisition of Kensington Close, London
  • The heirs of deceased Korean artist, Jeong Sang Bok, on art exhibition
  • Maja Holdings SBN BHD on financing of Malaysian Hydro projects (Singor Hydo, Talang Hydro, Temenggor Hydro)
  • Seoul Seongbock Station and Citimall 
  • SunBio share offering
  • Wells LED Lighting on financing of technology 
  • Belsen B.L.S Constracao Civil E Obras Publicas, LDA, Angola on sale of AOA currency (Angolan Kwanza)
  • BestTech technology on licenses 
  • Sinopec and CNOOC on acquisition of Nigeria BLCO 
  • London and Capital share offering in medical device technology
  • Kannon Force on acquisition of luxury commercial real estate in New York, London, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea
  • Gemfields on acquisition of a mining license in Bahia State, Brazil
  • Etoile Trading Ltd on acquisition and dealing in gold and precious metals, petroleum and diverse investment opportunities on the African continent
  • AnHarmonic BV financing of their SmartXTal Solution
  • ByMorin on financing of the ByMorin brand
  • Bitidentify on financing of Bitidentify technology
  • E4U on financing of solar energy technology
  • M&A Property Investment on private bond offering
  • TSG Europe on equity financing for Florida Real Estate (Cassa Grove, Coconut Grove, Cassa Sunrise, Cassa Manor)
  • Ocean Fresh Water on financing for ship building for its desalinated water technology and merchandising of desalinated water.

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